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Heritage & Centennial Home Program

The Ecorse Historical Society is proud to announce the Ecorse Heritage Home Program (EHHP). This program aims to preserve the history of Ecorse homes and educate the community about research and preservation.

Recognition of heritage homes in Ecorse will be started along with the Centennial Home Program (ECHP) in mid 2024. As the name, Centennial Home Program, implies, the focus will be on homes at least 100 years old. In 2024, the Heritage Home Program will be launched. The program will include homes that are over 50 years old and guidelines for researching those homes. 

The application form will describe the requirements that need to be met in order for a home to be recognized as a heritage home.  After the homeowner completes the application, it will be reviewed by Heritage Home Program Committee. Upon approval of the application, a plaque for the house is provided free of charge by the Ecorse Historical Society, however, a personalized plaque will include a fee.

The Ecorse Heritage Home Program is separate and distinct from the Ecorse Historic Preservation  Program which will be launched mid 2024. The Ecorse Heritage Home Program is strictly honorary and does not limit the homeowner from making external alterations to the home. Additionally, the program does not qualify homeowners for any type of financial incentives such as property tax assessment freezes or tax rebates.

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