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To promote understanding of the full, inclusive history of the City of Ecorse by collecting and communicating materials, documents, artifacts and resources that foster historical knowledge.



To realize this vision, we will strive to make our collections accessible to all. We aim to make a difference in our community, and we connect with people in imaginative and intellectual ways. As a center for learning and engagement, we enhance the understanding of our city's past and its connection to the present. We will provide a forum for discussion and debate. We will become a destination in the area to serve multiple communities from the local to the international.



We believe that historical understanding is critical to creating a better world. We welcome everyone to draw upon our collections to encourage a richer understanding of our past. We use our resources to educate, connect, and inspire in order to build historical empathy, foster civic responsibility, and generate an awareness of and respect for our shared humanity.

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

Providing Access

  • We make our collections accessible to all.

  • We encourage everyone to examine primary source materials, make their own observations and interpretations, and share their ideas among many audiences.

  • We connect with people in imaginative and intellectual ways.

  • We support the value of historical knowledge and evidence for civic discourse and discussion.

Embracing Diversity

  • We encourage healthy debate and respect differences of opinion.

  • We serve multiple and diverse communities. 

  • We endeavor to document all aspects of history with a connection to the City of Ecorse.

Demonstrating Quality

  • We collect strategically and act as responsible stewards.

  • We pursue excellence across all aspects of our work.

  • We lead through best practices, innovation, and example.


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