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Welcome to the Ecorse Historical Society



The Ecorse Historical Society and its supporters collect and preserve artifacts, as well as printed and photographic materials pertaining to the history of Ecorse, Michigan, a neighbor community of the City of Detroit. The Historical Society Museum will a community resource that houses our collections and exhibits these in an attempt to be educational and engaging to tell the story of Ecorse.

We will welcome tour groups, school classes, class reunions, out of town visitors, and drop-ins. We will offer special arrangements, if needed. There is no admission charge to the museum.


The Ecorse Historical Society will support the Ecorse Public Library in its renovation from a library building to its present form. Originally constructed in 1947–1948, the building served the Ecorse community as the Ecorse Public Library, offering library services and programming until November 2021 when the two-phase renovations began and will continue until late Spring 2023. The Society sought to acquire space in the building for the museum’s new home.  The renovations will include a total redesign.  Re-wiring the structure, new windows, new doors, new ramps, new bathrooms, new reception/check in and check out area, redesigned library collections area, new computer area, new meeting room, plaster and paint updated, new furniture and flooring, new landscaping and a designated area for the Ecorse Historical Society and Museum to display its collection.  We're excited to finally have a home!

Our Society has meetings at 12:00 pm on the third Saturday of the month. Everyone is welcome – new members, too!

100% Promise to Our Supporters & Sponsors

When you give to the Ecorse Historical Society, 100% of your donation goes to support the work of Society. Every dollar helps provide programs, events and education.  Your help donations keep the Society operating for our community and beyond.  Your donations also helps us support other community events.  Our Board and Committees are 100% voluntary!

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